GSAContract Number: GS-06F-0043N
Expires: 04/09/23
  • Reticulated Foam

    30 PPI Filter Foam has larger cells than 45 or 60 PPI foam. This allows for more air to pass through.

  • Reticulated Foam

    45 PPI Filter Foam has larger cells than 60 PPI foam, which allows more air to pass through it than the 60 PPI foam. 45 PPI Filter Foam has smaller cells than the 30 PPI foam, this allows the 45 PPI foam to do a better job at filtering than the 30 PPI foam.

  • Reticulated Foam

    60 PPI Filter Foam is the tightest filter foam that we offer. It has twice the number of cells per inch for filtration than the 30 PPI filter foam does. The finer or smaller the cells (pores), the more particles it can filter.