GSAContract Number: GS-06F-0043N
Expires: 04/09/23
  • 12400---12406

    Convoluted Foam is also known as Egg Crate Foam due to the similar structure that it has to egg cartons. This dimpled structure helps to distribute weight and absorb impact while cushioning the item it surrounds. It is commonly used in applications for packaging, sound control, and bedding. Egg Crate foam is manufactured in sets of two interlocking sheets. Egg Crate foam is manufactured in sets of two.

  • 12880---12887

    Our 1.0 lb. density per cubic foot, 30 ILD (Indentation Load Deflection), Polyfoam material is sold in individually wrapped plastic packages.

  • 12880---12887

    2 lb. Charcoal Polyester sheets, UL-94 HF-1 rated.