GSAContract Number: GS-06F-0043N
Expires: 04/09/23
  • Toolbox-Foam

    Creating an organized workspace is key to developing efficient processes; this is exemplified in 5S Lean Manufacturing techniques. The principals of this workplace efficiency program support the statement, “everything has a place & everything in its place”. Tool Box control is the centerpiece of 5S workplace methodology. In support of this, we provide a wide range of tool box foam products. Our tool box foams can be bonded in contrasting colors and shadowed out to provide a smooth and easy to clean surface to store your tools. Our foam inserts fit the National Brand steel tool chest manufacturers: Snap-On, Proto, Kennedy, Craftsman, Waterloo, Westward and Armstrong. We also welcome the opportunity to quote on custom size inserts.

  • Polyethylene--PE-

    Polyethylene (PE) foam is the most common type of plastic. It is used across a variety of industries for packaging, vibration dampening, and insulation as a barrier or buoyancy component, or as material for cushioning. Polyethylene is classified into several categories based on density. All Foam Products Company offers a wide range of polyethylene, including High density PE, Cross-linked PE, and Medium to Low density PE.

  • PE-with-PSA

    Closed-cell Polyethylene sheets for tool box use are available in 2 lb. Cross-linked PE (blue & black), and in 4  Cross-linked PE and 6 lb. PE (black, blue, red & yellow) in several thicknesses. Pressure sensitive adhesive, with a peel and stick backing, is applied to one side of the foam so sheets can be easily adhered to each other.

    (The 6 lb. density meets Federal Spec AA-59135/59136. Class 1, Type IV, Grade A).

  • Anit-Static-Foam

    Anti-Static foam is available in both Open-cell (polyurethane) and Closed-cell (polylam/polyethylene) foam. It provides protection for static sensitive materials, such as electronics. Traditionally pink in color, anti-static foam is specially engineered to protect sensitive electronics from shock and static electricity.

  • Divinycell-PVC

    Divinycell rigid foam is used in a wide variety of applications where sandwich composites are utilized; specifically in the marine, land transportation, wind energy, general industrial, engineering and infrastructure markets. Divinycell is ideal for applications that are subject to fatigue, slamming and impact loads.

    The product characteristics of Divinycell are:
         Low water absorption
         Superior damage tolerance
         Good chemical resistance
         Excellent fatigue properties
         Low resin uptake
         Divinycell is fast and easy to process, and it provides excellent mechanical properties to a lower weight

    H60 sheets are 3.8 lb. density and tan in color

  • Polyurethane--PU-

    Polyurethane products have many uses across a variety of industries, such as building, construction, transportation, furniture, bedding, packaging, electronics, and apparel. Polyurethane formulations cover a wide range of densities and firmness. All Foam Products Company offers a wide selection of non-molded urethanes.

  • Colored-Polyurethane

    Our 1.0 lb. per cubic foot, 30 id polyurethane is soft and lightweight. It is available in red, green, blue and purple for your creative applications!

  • Packaging

    We offer a variety of open and closed-cell foams which are ideal to use for packaging, storage and shipping needs.  From foam-on-a-roll, convoluted/egg crate foam, and anti-static foam, we are sure to have the foam product that fits your packaging needs.

  • Neoprene

    Neoprene is a black rubber foam. When compared to natural rubber, neoprene is more resistant to heat, oil, water and solvents. It works well in conjunction with a lot of other materials and can be manipulated to bond mechanically with cotton and metal; including stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper. It has a low oxidation rate, which makes it resistant to both indoor and outdoor environments. Because neoprene is a soft and rubbery by nature, it is a good padding source for certain fragile applications.

  • EVA

    EVA is commonly known as expanded rubber or foam rubber. EVA is a Co-Polymer of Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate. It is a closed cell, light weight foam which has good low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, and resistance to UV radiation. It has little or no odor. EVA is used as a padding and shock absorber of various sports equipment and sports mats. It is used in the manufacture of floats for fishing gear and life jackets. It also has applications in toys, arts and crafts and orthotics.

    EVA is not manufactured in the USA.

  • Plastazote

    PlastaZOTE is a closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam that is used across a wide variety of industries, ranging from sports & leisure, transportation, healthcare, packaging, toys, construction, and marine & military markets. PlastaZote foam performance properties include: water and thermal resistance, ability to mechanically bond to other materials, very low oxidation rate, which makes it suited for both indoor and outdoor environments, consistency of cell size, better impact absorption, and it is pure & non-staining.

  • Book-Support

    Help to preserve and protect your bound books, manuscripts and printed materials with foam book supports. Both our 4 and 6 pound density charcoal ester foams are soft and durable. Our four piece foam set will aid in maintaining your books natural shape and help to hold the reading material in place. We offer foam book support sets in four sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. We also welcome the opportunity to quote on custom sizes. We offer foam book support sets in four sizes, ranging from small to extra large. We also welcome the opportunity to quote on custom sizes.

  • Pic3

    Large rolls of foam are available in both Open-cell (PU) and Closed-cell (PE).
    The Open-cell rolls are best suited for packaging applications.
    The Closed-cell foam rolls are made of the same material as our ToolBox foam sheets. For large projects, the rolls are a better value than sheet goods.

  • Reticulated-foam

    Reticulated (Filter) Foam is lightweight, resilient, flexible, very porous, low density urethane foam that is used in filtering applications. Our material is charcoal polyester. This unique material allows for the separation of solids from gases. The finer/smaller the cell size (Pores Per Inch/PPI), the more it filters. A 60 PPI foam has double the amount of pores as in the 30 PPI, however the pores are smaller.

    This material also features, characteristics such as low thermal conductivity, as well as sound and vibration dampening abilities. Reticulated foam has applications in many areas: vehicles, aircraft, humidifiers, air conditioners and speakers to name a few.

  • Volara

    Volara type A is a flexible, crosslinked (closed-cell) polyethylene. It has a fine cell structure that contributes to its smooth surface. Volara has good mechanical properties at low densities; it has low water absorption & vapor transmission. It has excellent thermal insulation and chemical resistance. Volara type A can be laminated, embossed, thermoformed, die cut, sewn, printed and coated with pressure sensitive adhesive.