GSAContract Number: GS-06F-0043N
Expires: 04/09/23
53-piece Tool Box Foam Training/Cutting Kit. Consists of a Dremel 8v Variable Speed Cordless Rotary Tool with 8v Lithium Ion Battery and a 1 Hour Charger, a Carrying Case, and 21 Accessory pieces,including a Depth Gauge, a Dremel Drill Bit Set, 2 pieces of 8"x9" 2 lb. XL PE foam (1/2" Black over 1/2" Blue)and 2 pieces of 6 lb.PE (1/2" over 1/4"), an Instruction Sheet, 1 Plastic Shop Cover, 1 Black Marker, 1 Silver Marker, Safety Goggles, and 1 Package of (12)Shop Towels. Ships from Illinois.
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